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Talks By Jaime Sarche

ICCFA: "Talking about Death Won't Kill You"

Wide World of Sales, 2019

In her DEAD talk at the ICCFA conference in Las Vegas, Jamie discusses how to find your niche and overcome the pain and discomfort of discussing mortality, so that you can approach the prospect of death with confidence and comfort.

Breaking down the taboos about death | Jamie Sarche | TEDxCrestmoorParkWomen

Colorado, 2016

Talking about death helps us process what happens. Jamie Sarche wants us to start talking about the hard stuff. When you're in the dark things are a lot scarier. More talking equals less fear. If we recognize that our life is finite we can live more fully and more meaningfully.

Death Rituals: Creating Jewish Life | Jamie Sarche | ELI Talks

Colorado, 2016

We can often think of Judaism as providing a structure for us to deal with the hard times. In Jamie Sarche’s case, though, she’s good with the hard stuff, it’s the Judaism that’s scary. Listen to Jamie Sarche, a funeral director, as she tells us how her knowledge and comfort around death led her to connect to her Jewishness through one of Judaism’s heaviest and most difficult rituals.

Coping in the Age of COVID

Three Must-Have Conversations - Life, Legacy, Longevity

Breaking Down the Taboos Around Death with Maass Law

Undertaking: The Podcast - #218 The Jewish Funeral Rite with Jamie Sarche

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