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The Gift of Planning Ahead

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Pre-planning your funeral may feel uncomfortable but what you may not realize, it is an incredible gift to those left behind. These are intensely personal decisions, and best made before the need arises.

A pre-arranged or prepaid funeral spares your loved ones from having to make those difficult decisions at a time of deep personal loss. Survivors can grieve and reminisce, rather than wonder what their loved one would have wanted.

Feldman Memorial's Director of Outreach and Prearrangement, Jamie Sarche is kind, compassionate and respected as an industry expert. Dedicated to educating, counseling and guiding families through the many prearranged and prepaid funeral plan options, Jamie will make it easy to understand exactly how to plan a funeral ahead of time.

A Denver native with deep roots in the community, Jamie is empathetic, compassionate and committed to helping families make the informed choices that are right for them. Importantly, this consultation is a free service we offer to our Denver community. Feldman Memorial never requires any family to sign a contract with us or even fund a plan.

Peace of mind comes from having your final wishes recorded to guide your survivors.

Planning ahead is a wonderful gift.


Begin Planning

Making funeral arrangements is never easy and as unpleasant as it may be to think about it.

Planning ahead will provide you peace of mind, knowing you have made your wishes clear and your family the opportunity to grieve rather than having to make difficult decisions at a time of sadness.

Consider these practical steps when preparing for that difficult conversation: Being prepared before the conversation will help you feel more comfortable and form a path for the discussion.

The Five Reasons To Pre-Arrange Your Funeral

  1. Make your intentions clear 
    Unlike a wedding, we don’t think about planning for the death of a loved one. Often those left behind have to struggle with many difficult questions: What type of service would my loved one want? Are there any specific traditions and customs that would be meaningful to them or the survivors? What arrangements can our family afford? A prearranged funeral plan clarifies many of these questions, so at the time of death your loved one doesn’t have to worry about these important decisions.

  2. Reduce the stress during a difficult time
    The primary reason people make funeral arrangements in advance is to eliminate the added stress of making difficult decisions at the time of death. When a death occurs and there is a plan in place, one call to Feldman Memorial immediately initiates the plans that have already put into place. The only decision that will need to be made is the time and day of the service, which will be coordinated by Feldman Memorial with the celebrant or officiant and the cemetery.  

  3. Gain peace of mind
    Many of us have special wishes about where to have the burial, which burial customs to include and appropriate guidelines for the funeral service. Making arrangements in advance gives you the confidence that you have made clear, responsible and informed choices. Additionally, your family and friends will have the comfort of knowing the details reflect your true decisions and desires.

  4. Control financial costs
    By making a prearranged funeral plan you can secure financial expenses at today’s prices. This guarantees that certain services never increase in cost nor decrease in quality. Moreover, we can help create a payment schedule that is comfortable for you and your family.

  5. Preplanning gives you control and flexibility
    Life is change. That's why our prearranged and prepaid funeral plans accommodate unforeseen changes. If you move from the Denver area, your plans may be transferable. With our extensive contacts across the country, we can even recommend a funeral home in your new community. Should you no longer need your prearranged funeral plan because you are moving, your plan can be canceled, and a refund made.

Download this PDF to help guide you with this difficult conversation.


Arrange & Delegate

It's an act of love providing your loved ones with legal designation and your financial details while you are alive.

Rather than having to focus on these details at the time of death, you are ensuring the proper information can be easily accessed.

By arranging and delegating this important information, you are providing your loved ones with the opportunity to be able to relax and grieve freely. 

Important Action Steps To Take

  • Designate a medical and financial power of attorney to ensure that proper information can be accessed in the event of your illness or death
  • Implement a durable power of attorney for health care and a living will so that your wishes are carried out in the event you are unable
  • Remember that powers of attorney end at death, so designate a personal representative also
  • Give your personal representative a copy of your will. Safety deposit boxes are often not opened until the estate settlement process, after the funeral, and your will should be accessible long before that
  • Make sure your representative has all important account information or telephone numbers for retirement plans, insurance policies, investments, bank accounts, safe deposit boxes, properties, preferred law and accountant firms and mortuaries
  • Remind your personal representative that the Social Security Administration will need to be called and, if you’re receiving benefits such as those from the Veterans Administration, they should be contacted as well
  • If necessary, make arrangements to find your pets a new home
  • Make a contact list for recurring expenses, such as telephone and utilities services, newspaper and magazine deliveries, lawn care, etc., and arrange to have these providers notified
  • Purchase cemetery property
  • Make, and pay for, funeral arrangements

" I am aware that you, yesterday, allowed me far more time with you than was necessary for us to conduct 'business', for which I am most grateful. Clearly, I needed 'hand-holding', far more than I had anticipated that I might. I feel very comforted by having made funeral arrangements through you, and I truly intend to share that feeling with others, as the opportunity arises.

I will continue to be grateful for your 'hand-holding' and 'business' assistance, of yesterday." - JCP