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Feldman Memorial can design a memorial service or celebration of life at a variety of venues across the Denver metro area. You may decide on our beautiful chapel, your house of worship or a country club. Regardless of the location, we will work hard to create the personalized service or memorial you want, where you want it.

Whatever you choose, family and friends will be wanting to show their support and love. For any Denver-area service you select, the experienced team at Feldman Memorial is here to help make the process easier and less stressful.

Celebrations of Life

When a loved one dies, honoring their memory may be done as a Celebration of Life.

Typically held in lieu of  a traditional funeral or memorial service, a Celebration of Life is often accompanied with storytelling and laughter.

Families often choose to have a celebrant preside over the Celebration of Life, offering a customized service that meets their cultural, religious or spiritual wishes.

You may also want to have a traditional funeral service or memorial in conjunction with the Celebration of Life.

Celebrating the life lived and the joy they brought to others is a wonderful way to commemorate a loved one. However you choose to honor your loved one, Feldman Memorial will always strive to help in creating the service or celebration you envision.


"I want to thank you for being a part of the celebration of the life of my Uncle Neal. It’s a tragedy to have to be dealing with this kind of loss for my cousins at ages 26, 23 & 18. You and your employees were excellent to us and we felt very loved and welcomed into your building. The service and set up for the funeral was fantastic. It was exactly what we wanted to celebrate my uncle. He would have been happy with it. Thank you so much for being so easy to deal with, both from me and my cousins. I know they made the initial arrangements, but once I got to Denver, I felt like you treated me as any one of my cousins would have been treated. Again, from the bottom of my heart, and on behalf of my family, THANK YOU." - R. F.


Memorial Services

A memorial service often takes place sometime after the death and disposition has occurred. Most often a service is held to memorialize the life of the deceased. A memorial may be a choice made out of circumstances of death, after a private service is held or to allow for family and friends to manage travel to attend.

You may choose to have a clergy or celebrant speak about your loved one, or choose to have family and friends share their personal memories.

How to manage a loved one’s body for memorialization is an intensely personal decision and should be discussed with the family in accordance with the wishes of the deceased. 

A memorial service can be held in Feldman Memorial beautiful venue or a location of your choosing. We are here to help walk you through your options and help arrange a service that is suitable for you and your loved one.



How to manage a loved one’s body for memorialization is an intensely personal decision and should be discussed with the family in accordance with the wishes of the deceased.

Cremation does not need to replace a traditional service and can include any or all of the elements of a traditional burial either before the cremation or with your loved ones remains present. A service, celebration of life or memorial service often accompany the decision for cremation.

Cremation, which now includes new and gentler methods such as water cremation and natural organic reduction in addition to traditional fire cremation, offers another option for those who may be seeking an experience that is more spiritual than religious.

Feldman Memorial staff is here to help you make the appropriate arrangements should you select cremation, walking with you through the process.

Here are answers to some common questions around cremation.

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Body Composting (NOR)

Natural organic reduction is one of the newest methods of disposal available in Colorado and offers another option for a more green and gentle way to reduce the body.

With natural organic reduction, the body is wrapped in straw, hay or other natural materials, promoting decomposition over the course of several weeks. Since decomposition occurs over a longer timeframe and through organic materials, NOR can be considered more respectful to the body. It also consumes a fraction of the energy of fire cremation while releasing virtually no toxins into the environment.

What’s left is nutrient-rich, environmentally-safe soil that can be used in flower beds or scattered to nurture a young tree—offering a more natural way to return to the earth to continue the cycle of life. 

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Water Cremation (Alkali Hydrolysis)

Respect for the environment and the human body can continue even after we’re gone. Water cremation is a quickly growing method of cremation that offers a cleaner and greener method of body disposal.

Using warm water and a gentle alkali solution like that in liquid soap to break down the body inside a pressurized chamber, water cremation takes just a few hours, but it is much less energy-intensive and easier on the body than fire cremation. The remains become both a nontoxic liquid suitable for watering gardens or trees, and “ashes” similar to those from fire cremation, with the added benefit of retaining their essential nutrients and being processed to a bright, fluffy, flour-like material.

Water cremation is rapidly becoming one of the most popular options for those who forgo full-body burial.


Veteran Burials

Feldman Memorial is proud to support families in honoring their loved one’s service to our country.

We have extensive experience with military burial practices and have worked alongside both Fort Logan National Cemetery here in Colorado, and at Arlington National Cemetery.

Feldman Memorial ensures that all military funeral procedures are strictly followed in accordance with your loved one's branch of military service.

Feldman Mortuary has a wonderful working relationship with the staff at Ft. Logan, and work together with mutual appreciation, trust and respect for our professional roles.

Things to consider for burial at a National Cemetery:

  • Burial a a National Cemetery is dependent on available service times and at times cannot be adjusted to accommodate religious requirements.
  • Weekend burials are not possible due to cemetery requirements.
  • At a National Cemetery, the policy is to bury double, even triple-depth, which means your loved one will be sharing a plot.
  • Monuments and markers are standard government issue and cannot be modified.
  • Services at Ft. Logan are limited to 15 minutes in length.

Veteran Services and Information available from Feldman Memorial

  • Military burial benefits
  • Headstones and marker requirements
  • Legislative changes
  • Presidential memorial certificates
  • Military honors
  • Burial flags
  • Burial allowance benefits
  • Survivor benefits

Please contact us for further information about veteran burial services in the Denver area or nationally.


"Thank you so much for the respect you showed my mother, Shirley. The family is most appreciative of the care you took of her and all the family. We so appreciate you arranging burial at Fort Logan, So she could be with my father. The service there was very appropriate and thoughtful." - B.


Green Burials

The idea of “green” or natural burial has, in recent years, been gaining increased interest. However, it isn’t really a new idea. For thousands of years, the deceased have been returned to the earth wrapped in a simple cloth shroud or using a casket made of natural, biodegradable materials. Interred without the toxic chemicals used in embalming, the body breaks down naturally over time.

The reasons chosen for green burial are many. It may be the desire to minimize the impact on our environmental or to have a simple and natural burial and funeral experience than many traditional cemeteries offer. 

Although not all cemeteries can accommodate natural burial, Feldman Memorial has longstanding relationships with a wide range of cemeteries across the Denver metro area. For green burial and green cremation options such as water cremation and natural organic reduction, we can help you find the natural resting place your loved one deserves. In some rural areas, green burial can also take place on your own private land, depending upon local regulations. Often, the gravesite itself is marked only with an elegant, simple marker, such as a flat memorial plaque or even a special rock. Natural burial can offer potentially lower costs from not having to purchase a casket or headstone if you choose.

The professional staff at Feldman Memorial can help you determine if local private land burial is available for your needs.