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Grief is expected and a very natural reaction to death and the loss we feel. As painful as it is, the grieving process is an important step in healing. There is no right or wrong way to grieve but there are a few things we find can help make the process a little easier.

Don’t feel as if you have to rush yourself. Grieving takes time and while you may be anxious to return to “normal,” you are allowed to give yourself time to mourn.

Stay connected to friends and family. Being with people who care about you and that you care about is an important part of the process of grief. You may feel as if you are a burden others but being around those who love you, or may be experiencing similar feelings can be comforting. be sure not to spend all your time with others who are grieving.

Remember to take care of yourself: Eating properly and get enough sleep is fundamental to e staying healthy. Staying active can also help you stay strong, putting you into a better mindset. Exercise has been shown to positively affect metabolic changes that can help relieve sadness.

Do things that you enjoy: Getting pleasure from your hobbies and actives you enjoy is important. Doing the things we enjoy can be a positive distraction from the grief.

Ask for help if you feel you need it: Feeling sad is perfectly normal, but if you feel you cannot participate in your life and normal activities or you are not coping well, reach out to talk to someone. Call some friends or family members, consult with your doctor or call a hotline.


"Things are finally settling down around here and we are getting back into somewhat of a routine. I wanted to take a minute to thank you for everything you did for my mom and our family after Del passed away. Everything you did made a very difficult situation so much easier. We were in a unique situation with the blended families and you helped us handle that with such ease. We appreciate all that you did to make the service at Fairmount work, I know that probably took a little bit of extra effort. I appreciate you picking the videos and pin up at my house, and making sure the videos worked (that was a big relief). Most importantly, you were a great source of comfort to my mom and the entire family. We truly appreciate everything you and the staff did for us." -R.L.